Beiträge und Photos von Pädagogen und Schülern
  • Summer Holiday Camps 2015

    Auch in diesen Sommerferien bietet Phorms Education ein umfangreiches Ferienprogramm  für Phorms-Schülerinnen und -Schüler und externe Kinder an. Das... Weiterlesen

  • 15. Juni 2015

    Dear parents, On behalf of the project „Hessen hilft“ we would like to thank you for your encouragement and donations. We were able to collect... Weiterlesen

  • Parrot Tangram Puzzles

    The Parrot Class has been busy learning about 2D and 3D shapes. The class enjoyed drawing, building, and studying geometric figures. As an extension... Weiterlesen

  • Bee Class - Bee Garden Visit

    The Bee Garden in Oberursel is a fantastic location for children to learn and explore the world of bees. They provide an excellent tour of the garden... Weiterlesen

  • Parrot X-Ray Vision

    As a culminating activity for their studies on the Human Body, the Parrot Class created life size diagrams to model the locations of the major organs.... Weiterlesen