Secondary School

There are four steps from online registration to the day care contract.

Basic requirements for admission to our secondary school:

  • Fluent knowledge of German and English. Should we offer you a place at our school but your child is not yet on the same level in one of the languages as the other students we may ask you to provide your child with external German or English language tutoring.
  • A recommendation of your child’s primary school to visit a secondary school.


1. Online Registration

As a first step, parents need to register their child by filling in the non-binding online application form.

2. Submission of Documents

After successfully registering online we will contact you via e-mail and ask to submit the necessary documents: a school questionnaire, an income assessment form and copies of your child’s school reports and the primary school’s recommendation to visit a "Gymnasium".

3. Entrance Test

Once all documents are submitted we will invite your child to an entrance test together with other children registered for Grade 5. Our teachers will assess your child with regard to his/her proficiency level, his/her German and English ability and social competence while your child has the opportunity to interact with his/her potential classmates and gets to know our teachers and the school.

4. School Contract

After the entrance test we offer a place to children who successfully passed and send out the school contract for our secondary school.

School starts on the same day as any public school in Hesse.