Our Guiding Principles

Our Vision

We are making a valuable contribution to a better world through education. We combine our strengths to help the next generation become holistic thinkers and responsible people who promote global unity through their individuality and openmindedness.

Our 7 Guiding Principles

Through our vision, we describe the future we are working toward.
Seven guiding principles are the basis for our actions.They are intended to guide us through everyday life.

1. Quality and Responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility. We dedicate our skills and enthusiasm to pursuing our quality standards on a daily basis.

2. With joy to good results

We teach students how to perform at their best. We enable children and young people to learn and associate joy in learning with experiences of success.

3. Mindfulness and Caring

We give our children and young people the attention they need. We are there for our students, offering care and mindfulness.

4. Respect and Tolerance

We promote respectful and tolerant interaction. Our interculturality and bilingual community create an openminded environment.

5. Freedom for Creativity

We make room for creativity. By providing support for the implementation of original ideas, we enable every individual to get involved and develop themselves.

6. Growth through Flexibility

We stay fl exible, which allows us to keep growing. Our dynamic approach means we can react to change and maintain a high level of potential for innovation.

7. Community in Cooperation

We are a community. Through our openness and mutual support we aim to make everyone feel at home at Phorms.