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Corona Information

Based on the current decisions of the Hessian State Government and the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, we inform you about the situation at Phorms Schule Frankfurt:

Due to the Corona/Covid-19 pandemic, the school and day care centre were closed on 16.03.2020. Classes were immediately switched to an online provision. Since 20.04.2020, online lessons for all primary and secondary school pupils have been taking place with our new "Blended Learning Plan" (BLP), which was presented before the Easter holidays. This offer is supplemented by our virtual after-school program.
On 27.04.2020 and 18.05.2020, we resumed the following for face-to-face teaching at school, subject to distance and hygiene requirements for certain class levels

DepartmentGrade LevelsResumption of operations
Secondary SchoolUpper school (11/12)since 27.04.2020
Secondary SchoolGrades 5 – 10since 18.05.2020
Primary School (City + Taunus)Grade 4since 18.05.2020
Primary School (City + Taunus)Grades R – 3    planned from 02.06.2020 
Kita planned from 02.06.2020 
Hort (City + Taunus) to be planned
Summer Camps to be planned


The basis for this is our school-wide hygiene plan and the detailed departmental concepts for resuming lessons on-campus. Compliance with distancing and hygiene requirements has top priority. Due to the necessary division into learning groups and the available room capacities, it means that, depending on the department, instruction can only take place in a mix of classroom-based and limited BLP instruction. 

Emergency Care in Kita and school has been extended to include children of single parents and also applies to children of persons in critical occupational groups in accordance with the directive of the Hessian State Government. Please note that the list of professional groups is being continuously expanded. Applications for emergency care can be made via admissions.frankfurt@phorms.de.
For further orientation we have prepared the following FAQ. The list will be extended continuously. Should you have any further questions, please contact us directly.

Corona/Covid-19 FAQ

We have assembled answers to a range of FAQs related to our Covid-19 response to help you during this time. We will update this page with further information as it becomes available. Questions that cannot be answered by your child's teacher can be sent to frankfurt@phorms.de.


General Questions

1. As a private school, can you make your own decisions about when on-campus schooling will recommence?

No. We are bound by the same rules and regulations as all schools (public and private) in Hesse, and must follow the strict guidelines that are issued by the Hessian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs. In particular, as these are specifications based on the protection against infection.

2. Is the information from the Hessian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs publicly available?

Yes. You can find it here: https://kultusministerium.hessen.de/schulsystem/aktuelle-informationen-zu-corona

3. When will there be a Hort (Early/Afternoon care) again?

This depends, above all, on the resources we need to continue to provide Emergency Care parallel to classroom instruction. In addition, the same distancing and hygiene rules apply to the admission of the Kita as well as the school or Kita operation. As soon as we have developed a concept to ensure safe Kita operation, we will inform the parents.

4. Are Holiday Camps offered during the summer holidays?

We are currently examining under which conditions restricted Holiday Camps can take place during the usual period (second half of the summer holidays). Here, too, compliance with the distance and hygiene rules has top priority. 
Since we need the first three weeks of the summer holidays for the regular basic cleaning of the school buildings, and many employees have already planned their annual holidays during this time, the school will be closed during this period. You will certainly understand that we need some rest after these stressful weeks.

5. When will the school bus start running again?

Since 18.05.2020, the PHORMS school bus has again been running regularly between Holzhausenpark and Taunus Campus. The same rules of hygiene apply to its use as on public transport. Wearing a mask is mandatory for all students. This applies to waiting at the bus stop, the ride until reaching the classroom. 
The public buses to the Taunus Campus (lines 91, 251) are running regularly again.

6. How can I take advantage of Emergency Care for my child?

You must be a member of one of the eligible professional groups or a single parent. If you are, please contact us by e-mail at admissions.frankfurt@phorms.de. Our team will then clarify everything else with you.

7. What exactly is Emergency Care?

All Emergency Care children are cared for by pedagogical staff in small groups in the school or Kita, observing the distancing and hygiene regulations. For this purpose, we mainly use the after-school rooms of both schools or individual day-care centre group rooms. The supervision period should be limited as far as possible to normal school hours (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.). Even if we resume attendance lessons, not all learning groups will be able to be at school at the same time. Emergency Care by Phorms must therefore continue to be offered in parallel.
Emergency Care at school is, strictly speaking, not teaching time, nor is a replacement for the classroom classroom or online services. It is possible for the students to work on tasks independently during this time and they are supported in this by the staff. We also try to provide all students with technical access to BLP live teaching so that they can be part of the group learning from home. On days when there is live teaching according to the timetable, the Emergency Care children learn in their applicable learning group.

Teaching-related Questions

1. Why does my child have so few live online lessons? I would like to have more lessons for my child.

The Blended Learning Plan (BLP) is a pedagogical-didactic concept that is applied in both Primary and Secondary schools. During the planning process, a careful balance was made between online teaching, online learning, offline learning and project time. This "mixture" of the different modules offers on the one hand, in households with several children and few terminal devices, a high degree of time flexibility with regard to the use of computers or, if necessary, smartphones. On the other hand, it also takes into account the different attention spans of the children, since the modules - with the exception of online teaching - can be worked on flexibly in terms of time.

2. Is the Blended Learning Plan (BLP) optional?

No, the plan should be followed. If you have any problems, please contact the responsible teacher. The more your child sticks to the plan, the more structured his or her daily routine will be and the easier it will be for him or her to make the transition from distance learning to regular lessons at school.

The BLP will continue to be part of the Primary School curriculum in the near future, alternating with attendance lessons, as we cannot guarantee daily attendance lessons while observing the rules of distance and hygiene. The students will be divided into learning groups, which can learn on site at the school on a daily basis and will continue to be taught in limited distance learning on the other days.

3. Why can't German teachers in Primary School offer more individual support or support in small lerning groups?

German teachers usually teach 2-3 classes in German and Science. It is not possible for them to offer individual support in small groups every week for a total number of up to 70 students.

4. I am worried that my child won't be fully prepared for the next grade level. What steps will Phorms take to manage this?

Children across Germany and the entire world are all facing the same issue, and schools are aware that there may be some gaps heading into the next grade level. Don't be worried about this - there will be a handover between teachers, and the teachers will do diagnostic assessments to identify knowledge gaps.


Financial Questions

1. What should I do if I can no longer pay my own school fees due to the Corona crisis?

It is our goal to keep our school community as stable as possible even in the crisis. No student should have to leave our school for financial reasons. Please contact the management, school administration or admissions in confidence. We will then try to find a mutually acceptable solution with you.

2. I/my company would like to contribute to a fund to support families who may be in financial difficulty to continue paying their school fees. Is this possible?

Yes, it's possible. We can use such donations for a specific purpose, also specifically to support other families. This also relieves the school financially. We can issue a donation receipt for this donation.


Questions about Infection Protection

1. How does Phorms ensure that the children in the facility (emergency care or reopened classrooms) cannot be infected?

We have implemented various measures to ensure that the required distances and hygiene are maintained. We inform all parents and visitors about the underlying hygiene plan, as we also have to regulate access to our buildings very strictly. Emergency Care has maximum group sizes, and the carers make sure that distances are observed and that the rooms are regularly ventilated and cleaned. We strictly follow the requirements of the Ministry of Culture.
Classes that return to classroom teaching are divided into smaller learning groups. This concept is based on the use of the class teacher and teaching assistants in the Primary Schools. If we find ourselves in a situation where we do not have enough room capacity for the number of learning groups, we will have to find solutions for teaching in shifts.