Information regarding COVID-19

The corona pandemic poses particular challenges for us in the current school year. Due to the precautionary measures taken and in coordination with the guidelines of the German Federal Government, the State of Hesse and the local health authorities, regular operations could be maintained. With our blended learning programme (BLP), we are able to move from regular classroom teaching to distance learning.

Our big request to you and your families: Let us continue to be that responsible in dealing with the pandemic.

What do the four stages mean?

The Corona stage plan for Hessian schools is based on the general infection incidence in the respective district or independent city. The decision on the allocation of levels to a specific school is made by the responsible district health authority after consultation with the responsible (regional) school supervisory authority. For Phorms Frankfurt these are the Frankfurt State Education Authority and the public health authorities of the City of Frankfurt (for the City Campus) and the Hochtaunuskreis (for the Taunus Campus)
Depending on the assignment of stages, various measures have to be implemented at the schools:

Stage 1Adjusted modulating duty
Stage 2Restricted modulating duty
Stage 3Alternating model (changing between classroom and distance learning)
Stage 4Distance learning


Important documents on the subject

Detailed information on the four stages and the defined hygiene requirements can be found in the Guide to School Operation 2020/2021 of the Hessian Ministry of Education.

What should you do if COVID-19 infection is suspected?

What happens if a positive case is detected at school?

Hygiene plan of the Hessian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs (current version 6.0 as of 28th September 2020)

Get ready: Our Blended Learning Plan

The basis for classroom teaching is the nationwide valid hygiene plan of the Ministry of Culture in its most recent version as well as our departmental detailed concepts. Compliance with the distance and hygiene regulations has top priority. 
For further orientation we have prepared the following FAQ. The list will be continuously expanded. Should you have any further questions, please contact us directly.


Corona/Covid-19 FAQ

We have prepared answers to a number of common questions about Covid-19 to help you. We will update this page with more information as it becomes available. If you have any questions that cannot be answered by your child's teacher, please contact

General Questions

1. As a private school, can you make your own decisions about how you organise your lessons at school?

No. As a state-recognised school, we are bound by the same rules and laws as all other schools in Hessen (public and private) and must therefore follow the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs or the Ministry of Social Affairs (for the day care centre). Particularly as these are specifications based on infection protection.

2. Is the information from the Hessian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs publicly available?

Yes. You can find it here:

3. Is there after-school care /Afternoon Programme?

After-School care is provided, but the sports programme is very limited and certain clubs (e.g. Baking Club) can currently only offer alternative programmes. 
The same distance rules apply, but more extensive hygiene rules than those of the school, as everyone in the day care centre is obliged to wear a mask.

4. Are Holiday Camps offered?

Holiday Camps are offered for Phorms students during the holidays, but with distance and hygiene rules and compulsory wearing of masks. The programmes are adapted to the currently restricted conditions.

Please note that
- the guidelines for this can change at any time and in this case we have to cancel the camps at short notice
- we cannot allow external students to participate in the Holiday Camps.

5. Does the school bus run regularly?

The PHORMS school bus runs on school days between Holzhausenpark and Taunus Campus. The same rules of hygiene apply to its use as in public transport. Wearing a mask is compulsory for all pupils. This applies to waiting at the bus stop, the journey until reaching the classroom. The public buses to the Taunus Campus (lines 91, 251) are running regularly again.


Teaching-related Questions

1. Is there online teaching for my child as an alternative to face-to-face teaching?

There is no choice by the parents. We do not offer parallel online lessons during the face-to-face lessons in stage 1 or 2. Should stages 3 or 4 be declared by the authorities, we immediately switch to online training according to the Phorms Blended Learning Plan (BLP).
The Blended Learning Plan (BLP) is a pedagogical-didactic concept which is applied in both primary and secondary schools. During the planning process, a careful balance was made between online teaching, online learning, offline learning and project time. On the one hand, this "mix" of the different modules offers a high degree of time flexibility with regard to the use of computers or, if necessary, smartphones in households with several children and few terminal devices.  On the other hand, it also takes into account the different attention spans of the children, as the modules - with the exception of online teaching - can be worked on flexibly in terms of time. 

2. During quarantine, can my child attend classes online?

If Covid-19 cases occur in the school environment during stage 1 or 2 and individual pupils or entire class groups have to be quarantined, we provide these children with a live stream for selected main subjects. A prerequisite for this is the presentation of the official quarantine order (this can be obtained from the public health department). 
With the live stream, an online connection to the classroom is established for these pupils, through which only the blackboard picture and the teacher are transmitted acoustically and visually. There can be no active participation in the lessons, only a lesson tracking. For this purpose, a separate data protection agreement must be concluded between the school and the persons having custody, otherwise no access to the live stream can be granted. This additional offer does not apply to those children who are ill because they are supposed to recover at home. Furthermore, we would like to point out that the voluntary additional offer of the live stream is bound to our technical and organisational capacities and therefore may not be fully guaranteed.

3. Is the Blended Learning Plan (BLP) optional?

No, the plan is part of the teaching concept for stages 3 or 4 and should be followed. During online teaching, the teachers determine the presence of the pupils. In case of problems, please contact the responsible teacher. The more your child adheres to the plan, the more structured his/her daily routine will be and the easier it will be for him/her to switch from distance learning to regular teaching at school.

4. I am worried that my child won't be fully prepared for the next grade level. What steps will Phorms take to manage this?

Children all over Germany and the world are in the same situation. The schools are aware that there may be gaps in the learning material. So please do not be alarmed - there will be a handover between teachers and they will, if necessary, undertake more detailed checks to identify gaps.


Financial Questions

1. What should I do if I can no longer pay my own school fees due to the Corona crisis?

It is our goal to keep our school community as stable as possible even in the crisis. No student should have to leave our school for financial reasons. Please contact the management, school administration or admissions in confidence. We will then try to find a mutually acceptable solution with you.

2. I/my company would like to contribute to a fund to support families who may be in financial difficulty to continue paying their school fees. Is this possible?

Yes, it's possible. We can use such donations for a specific purpose, also specifically to support other families. This also relieves the school financially. We can issue a donation receipt for this donation.


Questions about Infection Protection

1. What does Phorms do to keep the risk of infection within the facility as low as possible?

We have implemented various measures to ensure that the required distances and hygiene are maintained. We have also had to regulate access to our buildings strictly. Our teachers make sure that the distances are observed. The rooms are also regularly ventilated and cleaned. We strictly follow the requirements of the Ministry of Culture.

2. How does the process of informing the nursery and school about Covid-19 work?

What should you do if COVID-19 infection is suspected? --> Process for Informing the Kita and School about Covid-19

What happens if a positive case is detected at school? -->  A Covid-19 Positive Case in the School